Free zone Apatin

There are two locations of a Free Zone "APATIN". One is the "RTC and port APATIN", which is located close to the shore of the Danube, the location surface of the "RTC, port APATIN and SHIPYARD" is 120,72ha. The second is the "Block 61 APATIN" with area of 1,45ha, the owner of the land on both sites is the Municipality of Apatin.  The total area of ​​the Free Zone "APATIN" is 122,17 ha.

Free zone from air

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Postanite i vi deo naše priče!

Pogledajte fabrike koje posluju u okviru slobodne zone, kao i slobodne parcele koje bi vas mogle zainteresovati. Investirajte u Slobodnu zonu Apatin i poslujte u najpovoljnijim uslovima, bez plaćanja PDV-a i carina na repromaterijal, opremu, građevinski materijal...

Very favorable geographic position

Municipalities Apatin has a very favorable geographic position, close to the state border with Hungary and Croatia

Hungarian border
Croatian border
Novi sad
km from Apatin


Fiscal benefits

Exemption from VAT on:
  • Entry of goods into a free zone
  • Goods and services in a free zone
  • Goods between the two users of free zone
  • On energy consumption

Custom benefits

Exemption from customs duties and other import duties for goods intended for the performance of activities and the construction of facilities in the free zone (materials, equipment, construction materials).